Abish Jeans for women, made in plain weave Denim lycrado. Colors: Black, blue, blue and sky blue. Sizes: S, M, l. varied models.

We make our garments with better inputs and finishes, quality of export, with highly qualified personnel. The most important in the model of the garment, is the Fit (architecture and structure of the sizing); Abish jeans, familiar with this aspect, and knowing that all objects are not equal, we offer unique designs for each silhouette, with the quality standards that allow us to enter the most demanding of the Peru and the world markets. See our models, click here.

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Jackets ABISH JEANS is of the few brands that offers variety of Denim fabric products. Exclusive designs for jackets, worked in cotton Denim finest, make their models of higher quality in the market.

See our models, click here.

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Due to excellent cotton used in the manufacture of our skirts, washes, worn and the destroyed combine perfectly, giving him an American look, without losing the sizing and architecture of a Push up Latin.  See our models, click here.

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The constant research and product development challenges, make ABISH JEANS, offer to the market with innovative and creative models Skirts, which include the targeted, torn, with flanges, with whiskers, and other snow-covered. Some designs include washed and worn. Skirts are made in plain weave Denim lycred. Colors: Black, blue, blue and sky blue. Sizes: S, M, L. See our models, click here.

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Once more JEANS ABISH launches shirts with an American style, allowing differentiating ourselves from the conventional marks.

The process of washing and chrome plating allow us to get the exclusive designs and with the highest demands in quality and workmanship.   Sets-A hallmark of ABISH JEANS is you dressed in Denim. So, that manufactured sets of coats, pants, Minis, Shorts, One piece, Strapless and shirts. These garments are designed taking primary care in the pigmentation of colors, shapes, washes, focused and torn, in such a way that allows the combination of all the pieces together. See our models, click here.

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Conjuntos Abish Jeans, elaborados en tejido plano Denim lycrado. Colores: Negro, Celeste, Azul y Azul cielo. Tallas: S, M, L.

Confeccionamos nuestras prendas con los mejores insumos y acabados, calidad de exportación, elaboradas con personal altamente calificado. Vea nuestros modelos, click aquí.

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We can say that the denim jacket is a landmark in the wardrobe of all. Trends change all seasons, but this is the basic piece always combines with everything and never passes fashion.

How was popularised denim jacket? In the early 1900s began to sell successfully. But this piece became a true icon of pop culture in the 1980s and 1990s with artists such as Madonna and Cindy Lauper, who marked tendency. And since then it has not lost force despite the passing of the years, becoming a classic in every wardrobe. The wide varieties of designs of the entire collection of ABISH JEANS make inevitable our models in your closet.  Combine them with maxi dresses or skirts, miniskirts, shorts or more urban parts such as pants or poles of colors. See our models, click here.

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One-piece-in ABISH JEANS feel passion for Denim. For this reason is pleased to launch the global market, its exclusive line of One- piece. Designed with best cotton in Denim, and the precise extent of Spandex, enabling adherence and better casting of the figure in order to satisfy all tastes, we have developed them in miniskirts, trousers, Shorts, etc. See our models, click here.

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Strapless-back to the 80s, ABISH JEANS fashion reinvents one-piece forgotten by all brands: El Strapless. Once more JEANS ABISH demonstrates the versatility of the Denim. Demonstrating because we love and why we feel pleasure in Denim. Strapless with different designs and colors that make you enjoy more pleasurably. See our models, click here.



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Poles Bividis


Poles Bividís-ABISH, true to his philosophy of that size is not the most important… but the form. It provides poles Bividís designed to shape your figure. Made in viscose cloth, its property allows acceding to your body by the spandex and cotton that has. See our models, click here.

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Bands Denim


Bands Denim-JEANS ABISH, it is essential to help the women of today to see and feel good. For this reason she has designed bands Denim, a unique and exclusive product for all women who wish to more styling her figure. The architecture and the Fit of this product are aimed at shaping the waist and abdomen through their special anatomical sizing. Being the only brand that manufactures this line is ideal for use maternal post.

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